Gyko RePower: New Software version 1.1.2

Starting from today a new version of Gyko RePower Software (1.1.2) is available:

  • Added the possibility of calculating the muscular profile and the 1RM with new methodology based on the analysis of average propulsive velocity (Impulsive)
  • Recording and viewing the videos acquired during the creation of the Muscle Profile
  • Possibility to export all the videos
  • Customizing the report by inserting a logo-mark
  • Possibility to print the report of Canali’s protocol
  • Possibility of printing the Sway report in two different ways, "compact" and "extended"
  • Added quality controls in the estimation of muscle profile and 1RM


  • Fixed a bug in the signal filter induced by data loss during BT transmission
  • Fixed a bug in the Sway visualization that could generate a block of software during long acquisitions
  • Fixed a bug in the estimation of the RSI
  • Fixed a bug in viewing the details of Power Evolution sessions
  • Fixed some bugs in viewing the Canali’s protocol
  • Fixed minor bugs

You can update directly from inside the program or download the Full Setup from here.

More info on Gyko Website...