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Witty SEM indicators can be used in standalone mode or in combination with the photocells and other products in the Witty series (photocells, RFID identification system, display board). Exceptional flexibility and user friendliness make Witty SEM indicators ideal for both sports training and rehabilitation activities.

Witty SEM is centrally controlled by the Witty timer via a radio transmission system with range of up to 150 m, which makes it possible to model the different types of training and analysis with the maximum flexibility and reliability. Up to 16 indicators can be managed from a single Witty console with data acquisition in real time.

Flexible configuration of the system makes it possible to manage and customise various types of tests via the Witty timer and the Witty Manager software:

  • Witty SEM indicator as a start semaphore with or without countdown to manage starts at pre-set times
  • Agility tests. Various agility test modes available using the indicator in standalone mode or in combination with a photocell.
  • Direction change tests
  • Reactivity tests for specific work on motor-cognitive and coordination skills.

Witty SEM shares the same multichannel technology that distinguishes the entire Witty family: up to 8 different radio frequencies managed. This feature allows different types of training with several groups in the same training area (e.g. sports field or gym). For example, one group can work on sprint exercises with recovery, another on agility drills and a third on specific reactivity drills.

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