Chinese Athletic Association
National governing body for the sport of athletics in the People's Republic of China

OptoJump Next is an innovative system of analysis and measurement that brings a new philosophy of performance assessment and optimization to competitive sport. With its data of real-time feedback, result compare and analyze, we could know better about the current performance of athlete and why. So for each athlete we could improve his own training program. 
Team leader of Sports scientists in CAA

Eintracht Frankfurt
Bundesliga Football Club

The Witty timing gates, as well as the single Optojump bar are our tool to accurately measure the players sprint and jump performances once a season or even during the training progress. It is motivating to see the progression by time of athletes when growing from youngsters to professionals. We also utilize 4 Witty SEMs, mainly for speed, coordination and agility training purposes. The athletes like it a lot!

Thomas Pitzke; Athletic and Rehabilitation Trainer at Eintracht Frankfurt; performance Teams

Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

The Witty SEM system was used along with a h/p/cosmos treadmill in order to perform research about dual tasking. In detail the Witty SEMs were mounted with claps to the treadmill. Subjects were walking at different speeds, while performing diverse tasks on the Witty SEM. Resulting training regimes were progressed from easy to difficult. Witty SEM offered plenty possibilities to focus the attention, but also the treadmill supports various movement pattern - forward, backward, sidesteps, uphill, downhill, slow to fast. 
Julian Kartte; Prof. Urich Hartmann; Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

Performance Dynamics
Physical Fitness Program in Dublin

I have recently purchased a Microgate Witty system with 6 gates. I am using the gates to test speed, both acceleration and max. velocity, various forms of agility and repeat sprint ability.The system has worked very well, it is exceptionally easy to carry out the testing and also to extract and analyse data afterwards, I am very happy with how the system works.