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WITTY·TAB is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a multi-capable, lightweight, easily transportable and user-friendly display board.

Measuring 13x41.5x6 cm, the board is equipped with a Led dot matrix displaying 6 numeric digits of 7 segments each (10 x 5 Leds), and a sensor allowing automatic adjustment of the brightness level to suit the ambient light conditions.
Brightness can also be controlled manually.

The 2 lead storage batteries guarantee stand-alone operation for at least 10 hours without the need for a connection to the a.c. mains supply.

The WITTY·TAB display board has an internal timer and comes complete with a radio transceiver able to communicate with Witty photocells: as the athlete passes, the photocell transmits the pertinent signal (start/lap/stop) to the board by radio. The transmission range is 150 metres under standard conditions.

Witty - Witty TAB - Training & Sport | Microgate

The WITTY•TAB display board can be used in 2 different modes:

• on its own, in combination with Witty photocells only; in this mode, times are simply displayed, without being saved for subsequent computer analysis

• in combination with the Witty timer; pulses transmitted by the photocells are received by the board and by the timer independently, but in this case, with the timer function, data can be saved and stored for analysis subsequently on a computer using the WittyManager software package

Witty - Witty Tab - Training & Sport | Microgate
Witty - Witty Tab - Training & Sport | Microgate


The WITTY•TAB is equipped with a library of internal programs, designed to meet the many and various timing requirements connected with athlete assessment and performance monitoring.





P0 Start, Stop Basic timing with auto reset after 5 seconds
P1 Start, Lap1, Stop Basic timing with 1 intermediate time
P2 Start, Lap1, Lap2, Stop Basic timing with 2 intermediate times
P3 Speed Speed measurement based upon any length between two photocells
P4 Lap Speed Lap speed measurement with one photocell
P5 Start, LapN, Stop Basic timing with n intermediate times and configurable display time
P6 Continuous Timing Continuous timing, configurable "dead time"
P7 Starting System Start and Stop with reaction time at start
P8 Event Counter Counter increasing automatically with each impulse
P9 Parallel Event Counter Two counters (left and right) for two photocells
P10 Date and Time Displays date and time
P11 Time Time display
P97 LED Segments Test Checks that the LEDs work correctly
P98 Photocell Radio Signal Test Checks the correct radio transmission functioning
P99 Parameter Configuration Configuration of the brightness, radio channel and date & time parameters
Weight 2.9 kg, batteries included
Dimensions 13 x 41.5 x 6 cm (H x W x D)
Operating temperature 0° C/+45°C
Measurement resolution 4 x 10-5 s (1/25000 s)
LED matrix Numerical: 6 digits x 7 segments (10 x 5 LEDs) with 4 punctuation marks (full stop or colon) with manual/automatic brightness adjustment.
Radio transmission Digital FSK transmission; redundant code with information correctness verification and auto-correction
Radio frequencies freq. da 433.1125 MHz a 434.790
Radio transmission power 10 mW
Radio transmission range Approx. 150 meters
Processing unit 16-bit microcontroller
Time base 12.8 MHz quartz, stability ±10ppm between 0°C and +45°C
Power supply Two internal Pb batteries
Battery charging Intelligent external Pb battery charger device
Battery life > 10 hours
Buttons • START/STOP button • LAP/RESET button
Connections • Type B MICRO USB connector to connect to a PC • Jack connector for external input/output


  • User Manual - Witty TAB

    Version 1.1