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Witty SEM can be used as a start semaphore for all sprint tests managed by the Witty timer (sprint, shuttle, go & back, group timing tests, repetitions, etc.). 

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Depending on the settings, in this configuration Witty SEM displays a countdown followed by a green "start" signal. You can set up the system to define whether or not the timer will record the "green light trip" as a start pulse. In some cases the athlete's start can be calculated from the time he/she transits in front of a photocell or when the foot shifts from a specific position; in this case the indicator can be configured to display the green "start" signal without transmitting a start pulse.

The countdown management facility is invaluable in all tests requiring a programmed recovery period, such as a classic shuttle test;

Example: shuttle test with Witty SEM and 2 photocells, 10 m sprint with 20 seconds recovery.  The athlete starts with the green start signal and breaks the beam of the first photocell, which transmits the start pulse to the timer; after ten metres the athlete breaks the finish beam (second photocell) and the system starts the 20 second countdown for the programmed recovery period; the indicator shows the final 10 seconds of the countdown and then displays the next green start signal. The number of repetitions can be set beforehand by the coach.

The same function is invaluable to stagger starts by a pre-set time when working with several athletes on the same track.

Example: Multistart test with Witty SEM and 1 photocell, 30 m straight sprint with a 10 second interval between each new athlete start. As soon as the indicator shows the green light the timer is triggered and the athlete starts the sprint; in the meantime the indicator starts the 10 second countdown for the next start.