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Witty SEM is equipped with a proximity sensor capable of detecting the presence of objects in the immediate vicinity of the indicator (max 40 cm), without direct contact.

This feature can be used for both rehabilitation work and sports training for exercises to stimulate the coordination capacity and reaction times of the patient or athlete. By creating a system of several Witty SEMs with additional elements such as wobble boards or specific sports equipment (racket, ball etc.), athletes can work on the general aspects that form the basis of good sensorimotor skills, improving the economy of each action type: stimulus – cognitive and decisional process – strategic processing – movement.

Example: for high intensity exercise, follow a specific symbol (such as a green number 1) shown among several symbols for the duration of 20 tests. The system displays a different symbol simultaneously on each indicator; the timer records the pulse and displays the execution time only when the athlete reaches the indicator showing the green number 1. After 20 tests the exercise is terminated and the total and partial times are shown on the timer display.

Also in this case the facility to set a specific delay interval between one pulse and the next allows the athlete or patient to return to his/her starting position.


This type of test can be performed in larger areas to allow the maximum flexibility of execution in tests that require ample space, combining the basic coordination factor also with specific skills (sprinting, ball control...). The indicator can therefore be installed on top of the photocell and the start pulse is transmitted to the timer by the athlete breaking the photocell beam rather than by the Witty SEM internal proximity sensor.

Witty - Witty·SEM - Test di reattività e coordinazione - Training & Sport | Microgate

Example: athlete stands in centre of space. Test is set up with "follow green light" for 20 seconds. The athlete observes the indicator and as soon as it shows a green signal he/she sprints to it thus breaking the photocell beam; the athlete then returns to the central area of the exercise space. The exercise is terminated after 20 seconds and the partial times are shown on the timer.

Witty - Witty·SEM - Test di reattività e coordinazione - Training & Sport | Microgate