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In the majority of sports, training and classic straight sprint work is accompanied by combination agility drills. This type of training allows athletes to boost their coordination and cognitive skills as well as their stamina and muscular performance. These types of exercises are designed to improve the complex process of motor response to stimuli.

Witty SEM offers a range of visual stimuli composed of colours and symbols (numbers, letters and direction arrows) also in different combinations; this makes it possible to use Witty SEM in all aspects of the motor process (stimulus interpretation ability, processing, movement strategy, etc.)

The exceptional flexibility of the system (positioning, number of indicators that can be used together, radio transmission distance up to 150 metres, etc.) makes it possible to replicate different stimuli directly associated with the sports practised and as far as possible connected to a real situation.

Witty - Witty·SEM -Test di Agility - Training & Sport | TMicrogate


A classic example is the direction change test: this type of strength training with natural loads places high demands on athletes' coordination skills. You can replicate this type of test perfectly using Witty by setting it up as shown in the following diagram:

Witty - Witty·SEM -Test di Agility - Training & Sport | TMicrogate

Example: an athlete cuts the START gate photocell beam; after a user-settable delay interval Witty SEM displays an arrow to show the direction to follow – the test can terminate when the athlete crosses the STOP gate photocell beam. 

The ability to set a specific delay between a pulse and the display of the directional arrow on the indicator is a key factor in situations requiring specific training of stimulus interpretation and reaction times.

Witty - Witty·SEM -Test di Agility - Training & Sport | TMicrogate