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The new Witty RFID is a system comprising an RFID reader and an identification wristband for automatic athlete recognition. Witty RFID was developed to streamline and simplify the work of coaches by relieving them of the need to make manual settings on the timer.

Athletes' data are linked to the wristband by the Witty Manager software. After this quick configuration step, whenever an athlete approaches the RFID reader with the wristband, he/she is automatically identified and his/her data are transmitted via radio to the Witty timer.

For ease of use and absolute safety, the wristbands are made of washable silicone rubber.

The timing process is fully automated when using Witty RFID so the coach can concentrate exclusively on the athletes and follow their progress during the various tests.

Example: Wearing a previously configured wristband, before starting the test the athlete first approaches the RFID reader (around 20 cm distance) so his/her data are transmitted to the Witty timer and shown on the timer display in real time. Registration is confirmed by an audible signal and activation of the green LEDs on the RFID reader. The athlete can now perform the test (sprint, agility...) and the results will be automatically linked to his/her name in the Witty timer memory.

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