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Witty Manager is a PC software for MS Windows (10 & 11) for managing the trials timed with Witty, displaying rankings, graphs, histories, etc.
The main functions are:

  • managing Athletes' Personal Data including pictures and divided into groups of categories
  • managing the Start Lists
  • creating Customized Test definitions
  • downloading data from Witty and displaying Results in highly configurable tables and graphs
  • updating the Witty and photocell firmware

It is divided into 3 main sections:


In this section athlete profiles can be created and edited. Every profile can contain detailed information (personal data, notes, pictures, etc.).

In addition, it is possible to create 'start lists' so that when transferring data to Witty not only the athletes' names and information are sent, but also in the exact order of athletes performing the tests. The lists can be used to divide a large athletes' personal database into groups (e.g. squads).


The main function of this software section is to define customized tests to be then downloaded to the Witty Timer. There are 3 main test types: Basic, Multistart, and Counter.
Basic: this test is usually executed with one person after the other, allowing to carry out most of the tests. Depending on the requirements it is possible to define a Sprint test (straight or circuit, with or without intermediate times), Go & Back(multiple runs from one point to another or with more points), as well as Shuttle with recovery (if a monitored recovery period is needed between one run and another).
Multistart: This option is selected if, for example because of the test length, it is necessary to have the following athlete start before the first has finished the test.
Counter: This test type is useful to verify how many repetitions of a given action an athlete can execute within a certain amount of time, or, viceversa, how much time an athlete needs to carry out a set number of repetitions.


In this section the results of previously performed tests can be viewed.
The results can be filtered by athlete (typing the name of an athlete only the results of tests, in which that person has participated, will be displayed), test type, date or a combination of these.

Once a test is selected and the View mode is entered, the results are displayed in graphical and numerical form, depending on the layout of the predefined or customized Tables.

Data can be printed and exported using a one-click option (selecting various tests) or a Report (selecting one test, where the data to be printed or exported can be configured, a logo may be added, etc.).


  • User Manual - Witty·Manager

    Version 1.4