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The MultiStart test allows to time circuits or courses carried out by several athletes at the same time (max. 3) from the start line to the finish line. The athletes must NOT start simultaneously (otherwise it would be impossible to associate events to bibs) but must start one after the other and in sequence. Even though, as we will see, it is possible to manage cases where one athlete passes another athlete, we suggest that you distance the athlete starts in order to prevent this. If a certain sequence of events connected to impulses is maintained (athlete 1 start-lap, athlete2 start-lap, etc.), it is much easier to manage the test.

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The User Interface of a MultiStart timing test is very simple and allows to see at the same time all the data of the running athletes.

Witty - Tipologie di Test - Multistart - Training & Sport | Microgate

While for other test types (Basic and Counter) the photocells are set in the same way (Start), in MultiStart tests they must be identified and assigned (i.e. set which photocells are start, which are stop and which are lap-n). This assignment can be carried out when defining the test (it is advisable to mark the photocells with a piece of tape or a label for the following test sessions) or directly from the timing screen using the Options key.

Assignment is very easy and consists of interrupting the photocell (having a unique serial number) with one hand and defining the required event type: