Witty - Basic

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This test is usually executed with one person after the other, allowing to carry out most of the tests. Depending on the requirements it is possible to define a:

In Line (Sprint): straight or circuit, with or without intermediate times

Go & Return: multiple runs from one point to another or with more points

Shuttle with recovery: if a monitored recovery period is needed between one run and another

For every type it is necessary to define when and how the test is completed (End of Test parameter). Possible options are:

Number of Impulses Choosing a finite number of impulses (e.g. 5) the test will be completed when the timer receives a number of events equal to the set parameter except for the first Start event. Leaving the parameter on '0' (undefined), the test never ends and the operator will decide when another athlete begins the test.
End of Time Setting a time in minutes:seconds, the test will finish when the set amount of time is reached.
No. of Impulses or End of Time Setting both parameters, the test ends when the first of the two conditions is reached.