Witty - Starting Systems

In many sports, the starting phase is a key moment that is crucial to the success of a performance. In most cases, it involves responding as rapidly and precisely as possible to a visual or auditory stimulus. In the case of athletes, rapidity is their reaction time, while precision refers to applying a well-defined movement strategy quickly and automatically. 
Clearly, in order to achieve the best possible performance, these details become specific skills to be trained, developed and optimised. 
This is why our system, specifically designed for training, has an external input (Jack 3.5 mm) that can be used to record any kind of impulse (open/closed) from the outside. 
To do this, we also offer special tools dedicated to the starting phase, which can be used separately or integrated with Witty. 

Starting Clapper

These are two pieces of wood that are connected with a hinge and attached to the ends is a so-called viewing area, a coloured semicircle. The two halves are then beaten together as a start signal and the built-in vibration sensor records the vibration, converting it into a start impulse, which is sent to Witty (photocell, timer, etc.) via the special cable.

Starting Pistol

An electronic pistol that reproduces three types of sound (bang, whistle and siren) and a luminous flash, if activated, to view the signal. This system is equipped with a portable loudspeaker that has its own microphone. For impulse recording, the pistol is connected to Witty (timer, photocell, etc.) via the dedicated cable.

Reactime Lynx System

This is effectively a false start system – it is the training version of one of the systems most widely used in IAAF competitions. The system is attached to the starting blocks and consists of a motion sensor, a loudspeaker and an LCD interface. By connecting it to the Witty timer, the athlete’s reaction times are obtained as well as the start impulse.