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Gait analysis is one of the most widely used methods to determine any disorders of the nervous and/or musculoskeletal system. With OptoGait you can estimate the space-time parameters of the gait and isolate individual phases of the step, then accurately describe the behaviour of the lower body.

Gyko, placed in the area beneath the shoulder blade by using a special bib with a comfortable 3-button fastening, enables naturally integrating the information measured on the ground with the kinematics of the trunk in order to provide accurate information on the stability and coordination of the upper body.

The movement of the trunk is analyzed in each phase of the step and, through advanced algorithms, specific parameters of the analyzed test are estimated such as:

  • Antero-posterior and medio-lateral imbalance.
  • Main directions and breadth of the movement of the trunk.
  • Dominant control strategy (AP, ML or neutral)

Advanced parameters such the following are available:

  • Upper Phase coordination index (UPCI) that describes coordination in the rotation of the trunk.
  • Phase difference between the lower body and the upper body.
  • RMSHarmonic Ratio Harmonicity Index describing gait stability.
Sistemi - Camminata, Corsa, Marcia sul posto - Training & Sport | Microgate
Sistemi - Camminata, Corsa, Marcia sul posto - Training & Sport | Microgate