Training Portable Lab - Vertical Jumps

Using field tests and in particular vertical jump analysis has always been a widely used method for evaluating lower limb muscle strength. OptoJump Next is the instrument used to measure and objectify the main features of a jump such as flight and contact time.

Gyko placed near the centre of mass with a special belt enables enriching the temporal data with a variety of information regarding the dynamics of the jump. It is then possible to measure lower limb strength directly and, using appropriate algorithms, accurately and repeatably provide data relating both to the eccentric loading phase and to the concentric thrust phase.

The movement of the trunk during the flight and contact phase is analyzed and provides, among other things, the following additional parameters

  • Eccentric and concentric work and duration.
  • Force, Velocity and Maximum Power.
  • Rate of Force Development and Landing Rate.
Sistemi - Salti Verticali - Training & Sport | Microgate
Sistemi - Salti Verticali - Training & Sport | Microgate