Training Portable Lab - OptoJump and Gyko

Gyko is a new tool, developed by Microgate, which enables obtaining information on the kinematics of any body segment while making a movement.

Gyko contains the latest generation components that are used for making accurate and repeatable measurements of acceleration, angular velocity and magnetic field in three dimensions.

  • 3D accelerometer, to measure the linear accelerations to which the device is subjected.
  • 3D gyroscope, to measure the angular velocities of the device.
  • 3D magnetometer, to measure the magnetic field to which the device is subjected.
Sistemi - OptoJump e Gyko - Training & Sport | Microgate

Gyko is able to provide the measured data up to 1000 times per second guaranteeing an extremely high temporal resolution of the data. The data can be transmitted to the PC via a Bluetooth connection or be stored on a MicroSD card.

From the measured data, through advanced software algorithms, it is possible to describe the kinematics of the body segment to which Gyko is fastened so as to provide the user with summary information about the quality of the analyzed movement.

Gyko can be used in combination with the OptoJump Next systems or independently

As regards the Software Gyko OptoJump Next can be used:

  • In walking and running tests both on a treadmill and with one- or two-dimensional linear systems
  • In Marching in Place tests
  • In Vertical Jumping tests
  • In the (new) tests for Posture Analysis

Gyko is provided with a pelvic belt and a vest to be placed under shoulder blade; both belts are easy-fitting.

There are further accessories available: thigh beltforearm and wrist belts and a magnetic support that can be fastened on a barbell or on weight lifting machines.

Sistemi - OptoJump e Gyko - Training & Sport | Microgate