OptoJump Next - Transport and install

Optojump - Training and Sport | Microgate

Convenient to transport...

Its lightweight and convenient bag makes it possible to have Optojump Next always available wherever test sessions take place. 

Optojump - Trasporto e installazione - Training & Sport | Microgate

Easy and quick to install...

The whole system is extremely simple to install: it is only necessary to position the bars on the ground and connect the receiving bar to the PC via the USB cable. The maximum distance between the bars is 6 metres and no connecting cables are needed. This maximises the simplicity with which the bars can be moved and minimises disturbances caused to the athlete during performance of the test.

Correct alignment of the system is signalled by a green led. The led lights up red if the bars are not parallel or unsuitability of the ground prevents communication between the transmitting and receiving bars.  

Optojump - Trasporto e installazione - Training & Sport | Microgate