OptoJump Next - "Vertec Like" Test

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This test allows to simulate the use of the famous VERTEC tool to analyze vertical jumps with one arm extended. A meter (or two meters for athletes jumping higher than 100 cm) can be attached to a wall with double-sided adhesive tape or mounted on a tripod with fixing clamps. It is important that the interface drums are positioned in the lower part and at the right height depending on the athlete's jump elevation. The test is not compatible with OptoJump Next bars with a resolution of 3 cm.

At the beginning of the test, the software prompts to extend one arm upwards closing the bar contacts (red led) to measure the athlete's height; it is recommended to carry out the measuring holding the hand near one of the two bars. If the test must be repeated several times (with the same bar setup) it is useful to save the measurement; of course, if the bar height changes, the measure must be changed.

Then the athlete can jump from a standing position (e.g. touching the wall with the attached bars) or with run-up through the virtual portal created by OptoJump (maybe simulating a complex athletic gesture like for example a volleyball spike).

The software displays the jump height as difference between the two measures.

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