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1.13.24 (08-feb-2024)
  • Added ability to change Gyko height for sway tests in the View menu
1.13.22 (19-jan-2024)
  • Improved identification of the feet in the 2D gait test and in the Sprint&Gait test with Walking template
  • Fixed Hop For Distance protocol printing
  • Added Alpha calculation during running test
  • Fixed possible error if you export a protocol without running one of the protocol tests
  • Fixed biofeedback and second monitor display with absolute values. In the case of cadence, the difference is displayed
  • Fixed biofeedback, it did not display the graph at the end of the test with asymmetries
  • Added new driver for Basler webcam
1.13.17 (22-jun-2023)
1.12.23 (23-mai-2022)
  • Use of new logo as picture in the report title
  • Fixed viewing error in the Hardware Test menu if only the last led of the bar was interrupted
  • Added CE logo
  • Added new manuals
  • Increased the Notes field in the report printout
  • Added sign packages
  • Updated driver FTDI from v2.12.00 alla v2.12.36.4
1.12.21 (14-apr-2021)
  • Added another webcam model Logitech C920
  • Fixed checking if the connected USB device is a video device
  • Fixed receiving bib number from witty Rfid
1.12.19 (03-feb-2021)
  • Compatibility with new Gyko Firmware
1.12.17 (30-oct-2019)
  • Bug Fixing
1.12.15 (27-aug-2019)
  • Fixes an issue with Logitech C920 webcam ( see news )
1.12.1 (27-mar-2018)
  • Birth Date of Athlete is no longer mandatory
1.12.0 (21-mar-2018)
1.10.50 (07-mar-2018)
  • Support for webcams Logitech Brio and Basler acA2040-120uc and acA1300-200uc
  • New zip component that supports ojn exports of more than 4Gb
1.10.19 (13-apr-2016)
  • Bugfix: Compare Tests Printout was wrong rendered
1.10.18 (31-mar-2016)
  • Minor bugfixes
1.10.7 (10-jun-2015)
  • Minor bugfixes
1.10.0 (27-may-2015)
1.9.9 (29-jun-2014)
  • Resolves a bug with installation of SqlServerCE when upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1
1.9.7 (03-jun-2014)
  • Bugfix on MediaGallery module and optimization for netbook video resolution
1.9.4 (09-may-2014)
  • Bug Fix on run tests on treadmill
1.9.0 (30-apr-2014)
1.8.10 (13-nov-2013)
  • Added Drift 2D Protocol; some changes in the User Manual
1.8.0 (05-aug-2013)
1.7.0 (16-dec-2012)
1.6.0 (15-apr-2012)
1.5.1 (10-nov-2011)
  • History module : Fixed bug on Print, added Excel Export of the data, added mean, std.dev, CV, min-max in the grid
1.5 (20-oct-2011)
1.4 (18-apr-2011)
1.3.20 (11-feb-2011)
1.3 (13-oct-2010)
1.2 (27-aug-2010)