OptoJump Next - The single meter

Optojump - Training and Sport | Microgate

In this configuration OptoJump Next makes it possible to perform jump tests, reaction tests and running tests (if mounted on a treadmill). The data that can be obtained are:

  • contact times
  • flight times
  • reaction time to a sound/visual impulse
  • elevation of centre of gravity
  • specific power (W/Kg)
  • frequency 
  • energy expended (J)


Optojump - Il metro singolo - Training & Sport | Microgate

Thanks to these data and video analysis, the operator quickly evaluates the athlete’s explosive and elastic force and tolerance of different kinds of effort, and his/her posture and technique. Moreover, the possibility of performing reaction tests, configuring them freely, makes it possible to compare the results of tests performed in normal situations with those obtained under stress.

In addition, if mounted on a treadmill, Optojump Next also generates the data typical of the analysis of a run, also those of a long one (for example, step length).

The single meter can be powered by both battery (about 8 hours’ autonomous use) and from the mains.