OptoJump Next - The modular system

Optojump - Training and Sport | Microgate

In its modular configuration, Optojump Next makes it possible to analyze a walk, a run or particular specific movements. The CPU works in real time, making it possible to assess complex exercises like shuttle tests.

As well as the data of the “single meter” configuration, the modular configuration makes it possible to measure:


  • step length 
  • exact and average acceleration
  • exact and average speed
    stride angle (the angle between the theoretical arc traced by the centre of gravity during the step and the line of the ground)
  • the imbalance index (calculated on the basis of the difference between real contact time and ideal contact time)
  • the time taken (calculable also with the help of external sensors such as photocells)
  • treading mode (heel or toe)
Optojump - Il sistema modulare - Training & Sport | Microgate

Thanks to the practical and innovative system of joining bars with the dedicated connecting plugs, the modular system can be assembled in just a few minutes. It does not need connection cables or an external power supply and it can be from 2 to 100 metres long.

Optojump - Sistema modulare-  Training and Sport | Microgate