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It is an optical measurement system consisting of a transmitting and receiving bar.

Each of these contains 96 leds (1.0416cm resolution).
The leds on the transmitting bar communicate continuously with those on the receiving bar. The system detects any interruptions in communication between the bars and calculates their duration.

This makes it possible to measure flight and contact times during the performance of a series of jumps with an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second. Starting from these fundamental basic data, the dedicated software makes it possible to obtain a series of parameters connected to the athlete’s performance with the maximum accuracy and in real time.

The absence of moving mechanical parts ensures accuracy and great reliability. 

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Quantity and Quality

Optojump Next goes beyond the acquisition of numerical data: thanks to small cameras that can be positioned as desired, it allows recording of the images of the tests performed, synchronising them perfectly with the events measured. This makes it possible to enjoy the advantages of cross-checking between data and images and also those deriving from more detailed video analysis through the exploitation of the possibilities offered by the dedicated utility.

The film sequences and all the other data are saved in the database. This makes it possible to consult them at any moment and, as with numerical data, to make comparisons between the performances of different athletes or of the same athlete at different moments.

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    Version 1.13.0

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