Gyko - Gyko Repower

Gyko can also be used in a stand-alone version, that is without needing to be associated with Optogait or Optojump Next, using the Gyko RePower software

The GyKo software has a state-of-the-art interface that is fully dedicated to it, and the constant research and development of the algorithms used to supply the data make it possible to perform a quick and accurate analysis in situations such as after an accident, during a recovery phase or if the subject wants to improve and monitor the progress of his performance during a training phase. In the registry area, it is possible to enter the fundamental data of the various subjects as well as add tabs or photos for a faster search. The central part of the software is divided into two sections, Rehab and Power.

The Rehab section implements protocols for the evaluation and monitoring of joint functionality and muscle strength when rehabilitating a certain section of the musculoskeletal system and also makes it possible to perform a stabilometric analysis of the centre of mass.

A traumatic event involving the musculoskeletal system forces the individual to a period of immobilisation. During the rehabilitation process, the task of the therapist is to guarantee a return to levels of muscle strength that are able to guarantee that an athlete or a senior citizen can return to normal daily activities (running, going up stairs, etc.). From this point of view, it becomes very important to be able to evaluate, using an objective and non-subjective method, the muscular abilities of the subject in order to create an individual training program whose effectiveness can be monitored.

GykoRePower accompanies the subject during the entire rehabilitation process, with a 360 degree analysis of his physical condition: evaluation of the joint function and muscle strength in the body areas involved with the accident and/or orthopaedic surgery, using the elastic belts on the limbs; evaluation of the condition of balance in different situations and/or on different surfaces with the help of the pelvic belt or by positioning Gyko between the two shoulder blades. GykoRePower is a tool able to evaluate and report each evolutionary phase in the recovery of joint function and muscle strength.

The Rehab section of GykoRePower makes it possible to:
  • quantify the deficit in terms of joint function or muscle strength between a limb and the contralateral or between the injured limb and the same limb prior to the accident
  • evaluate and measure the subject's balance in different situations and/or on different surfaces
  • monitor the exercise intensity with real-time visual bio-feedback via a work threshold that can be selected by the user
  • trace and report the subject's recovery during the entire rehabilitation process by means of the report functionality
Gyko - GykoRepower - Medical Rehab | Microgate
Gyko - GykoRepower - Medical Rehab | Microgate

The Power section is used to evaluate and monitor muscle strength. 
When the target of the training is to optimise performance, it becomes very important for athletes to measure and analyse the improvement of their results in an objective and accurate manner.

Gyko - GykoRepower - Medical Rehab | Microgate
Gyko - GykoRepower - Medical Rehab | Microgate

GykoRePower is a product that is specifically designed to evaluate and monitor athletic performance directly in the field. The performance of the most typical tests adopted by technicians and widely accepted by the scientific community form the basis of the evaluation protocols that can be carried out thanks to GykoRePower, protocols designed, developed and validated by Prof. Carmelo Bosco.

GykoRePower is meant for everyone who wants add a scientific base to athletic preparation through the quantitative and therefore objective evaluation of the motor task. GykoRePower combines the requirements of accuracy and reliability with technological innovation.

GykoRePower provides the information essential for evaluating athletic preparation in an accurate, repeatable and simple manner. With GykoRePower, monitoring improvement and comparing the performance of athletes is simple and immediate.

From the measurement of the force impressed on the load, the system is able to measure the power expressed during a specific exercise. With GykoRePower, the trainer can quickly define a training course, initially identifying the various work areas of the athlete automatically and accurately (resistance, dynamism, limit...) and monitor the athlete's progress during the exercise. GykoRePower provides in fact visual and acoustic bio feedback in order to work towards targeted goals.


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