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International Challenge Cup 2022 - Rabat, Morocco


Microgate was very proud to give its contribution to the International Challenge Cup, held this year at the Mohammed VI Football Academy in Rabat, Morocco. 8 elite U17 football teams participated to the competition and during the first week, all the players were evaluated by means of the Microgate instrumentations. Cognitive ability was tested with Witty SEM, while biomechanical characteristics were assessed with the use of a 2D OptoJump system and a 20meter OptoGait system. Furthermore, the body composition was evaluated via skinfold measurements and a yo-yo test was performed to have an index of the aerobic endurance of each player. At the end, a ranking was made and a report was provided to each athlete highlighting their strengths and their weakness.  Only by measuring we can foresee with less uncertainty the future of a player and Microgate can help in this process.