Training Portable Lab - Haltungsanalyse

Gyko, das am Oberkörper oder auf Höhe des Schwerpunktes positioniert wird, liefert wichtige Daten hinsichtlich der Haltungsschwankungen des Patienten und ermöglicht mittels eigener Protokolle die Bewertung des entsprechenden von den einzelnen Komponenten des Haltungssystems (Blick, Propriozeption unterschiedlichen Ursprungs, Labyrinth usw.) geleisteten Beitrags.

Gyko ermöglicht die einfache und rasche Ermittlung der bekanntesten Indizes hinsichtlich der vertikalen Projektion, also der Bodenprojektion des Körperschwerpunkts.

Die wichtigsten Indizes sind folgende:

  • Länge und Bereich der vertikalen Projektion
  • Geschwindigkeit der vertikalen Projektion
  • Häufigkeit der Schwankungen
    Sistemi - Analisi Postura - Training & Sport | Microgate

    Gyko lets you simply and quickly obtain the best known indexes concerning the projection of the body's centre of gravity on the ground.

    The main indexes returned are:

    • Projection length and area.
    • Projection travel speed.
    • Sway frequency

    In this case the graphic is a "projection" showing all the movements (the red dot indicates the position at the end of the test) and an overlay of the ellipse. To the right there are two graphs, one for the antero-posterior movements and the other for the medio-lateral movements with the time being the abscissa and the movement in mm the ordinate.

    Sistemi - Analisi Postura - Training & Sport | Microgate

    The test can be done with a custom "SwayTest" without the OptoJump bars.

    Sistemi - Analisi Postura - Training & Sport | Microgate

    There is also a predefined "Body Sway" protocol that consists of two static (Sway) tests in which the patient must stand as motionless as possible for 30 seconds, in the first test with eyes open and in the second one with eyes closed.

    There is no need for the OptoGait bars, but only the Gyko inertial sensor. At the end of the protocol you can view a report that gives all the data comparing the eyes open test with the eyes closed test.

    Sistemi - Analisi Postura - Training & Sport | Microgate
    Sistemi - Analisi Postura - Training & Sport | Microgate